Kodiak Wildlife Viewing

Known as “the Emerald Isle”, Kodiak is the largest island in Alaska and is located 250 miles SW of Anchorage.  It is notched by deep fiord-like bays and patterned with numerous lakes and rivers.  The lush and varried terrain is a colorful blend of cottonwood, alder, wildflowers and alpine meadows.

At our Kodiak Wildlife Viewing camp, you can expect to see Sitka black-tailed deer, red fox, river and sea otters, seals and an occasional pod of whales and naturally, an abundance of Kodiak brown bears.  During late summer and fall, Kodiak brwon bears concentrate near streams in pursuit of salmon which affords excellent opportunities for viewing and photography.  Kodiak is populated with many bird species including kittiwakes, gulls, cormorants, puffins, belted kingfishers, harlequins, common mergansers and bald eagles.

We offer different packages from one-day trips to weeklong excursions.  These trips truly offer something for everyone, from families with young kids to “die-hard” photographers. All Kodiak wildlife viewing trips include the opportunity to take advantage of Kodiak’s great sportfishing. It is hard to beat salmon fishing from the river bank, while waiting for a Kodiak Brown bear to emerge from the bushes. We would love to share this Kodiak experience with you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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